Welcome to my world!

Welcome to my world, won’t you come on in! Miracles I guess, still happen now and then! Isn’t that the line from an advert we’ve been hearing over the Christmas break for Thomson Holidays to jet us off somewhere nice and warm? Anyway welcome to my blog, I’m new to this but decided that it’s a New Year and I’ll try something different!

I am a contractors quantity surveyor that has spent, dare I say, 33 years in the industry now, so I’m your typical middle-aged professional that has somehow made it to the position of owning my own business.

I won’t give you all the details of my career straight off as I’m sure it will bore you all, and besides I won’t have anything to tell you over the coming weeks… if you are interested that is!

So it’s the start of a new decade, and what are we to call it? The terrible teens, the teenies, the tenners? Who knows, who cares, just as long as our industry gets back on its feet again. We had an awful 2009, it was the worst year for us I’ve ever known, but we’ve somehow got through it and we are looking forward to a brighter 2010 (I’m calling it twenty ten, not two thousand and ten).

So here’s some of my predictions for the coming year:

  • House building will take off again in the middle of the year after a Tory victory in the general election;
  • The new high speed rail link to Scotland and the north will get the go ahead;
  • Hotel refurbishment and new build will start a mini boom in and around the London area as the run up to the Olympics kicks off;
  • The new rules of measurement will make no impact at all (but we will have to learn about them anyway though);
  • Prices will remain very tough in the first two quarters of this year after that there will be a rise as we all become more settled about the future and the industry will become far more stable;
  • ……Oh and England will win the world cup after Arsenal have done the double! Well you can dream can’t you!

4 Responses to “Welcome to my world!”

  1. 1 John Howell January 5, 2010 at 11:57 am


    have subscribed to your blog as I couldn’t resist getting your updates on Arsenal’s ambitions (as a Spurs supporter!!). Have you got a big book of excuses? – I could lend you mine!



  2. 3 Richard Roydhouse January 6, 2010 at 3:00 pm

    I won’t lower myself to talking about football…..This is a profesional blog, and there was nothing profesional about my teams (Man Utd) performance at the weekend. Regarding your predictions for 2010, I hope your are right about the upturn, we all need a break profesionally, my year coulc not have got much worse than it did. so this year MUST be better.

    • 4 derekmynott January 6, 2010 at 3:17 pm

      You’re right, shouldn’t do too much about football and how we will take second spot from United tonight! Things can only get better. Could do without this snow though, good for the kids but no good for the industry.

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I’m now the Managing Director of Mynott Associates Limited my own specialist measurement business. I’ve been in the industry all of my life since I left school. My first job was with Bovis Construction as a management trainee where I trained to become a quantity surveyor. I’ve worked for contractors all through my career, I am FRICS, FCIOB and MCIHT qualified and act as an RICS assessor. I’m also a keen Arsenal supporter having followed them from a young boy

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