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I’m back

Well it’s been a long while but I’m ready to start to write again, apologies for the delay. It feels like I’ve had a long period of writers block!

What’s happened since I was away?

Well I joined the corporate world to work at Driver Project Services and what a great experience that was. There are some good people at Driver and I wish them every success for the future. The thing is the corporate world just isn’t for me.

So here I am on my own starting out again and wondering what to write about, and my minds gone blank, or vacant, or just rusty…………however some things never change do they? Or is it just me getting old……..probably, I hear you say.

But here are the themes I’ve heard from some of the senior people that I’ve met in the recent years:

  1. Why don’t they teach measurement anymore?
  2. Why don’t they teach measurement?
  3. Why?

Then theres…….

  1. Why aren’t there any good qs’s anymore
  2. Why aren’t there any good qs’s
  3. Why?

Followed by……..

  1. Why do we rush to start things half baked?
  2. Why do we rush?
  3. Why?

Lots of Why’s and not much action by anyone to do too much about it I hear you say. True. And we are guilty of that.

So what to do?

I don’t have the magic answer it’s been a series of small incremental changes to get to where we are now. Is it for the best? Us old folks don’t think so much. But younger folks think what’s all the fuss about, move with the times, use the technology, be brave, be adventurous, be collaborative, embrace technology and……………….be BIM


Better stop there, don’t get me talking yet about BIM and what I’ve seen and heard of what’s happening in the real world with this………I’ll save that for later!

Bye for now, more another week……………………….

BOQ’s are dead, long live BIM!

There seems to be quite a bit of chat around at the moment about BIM so I thought I’d have a read of one or two of the articles that I found and share some of them with you.

The first article that caught my attention was from the JCT of all people in their JCTNews April 2011 publication that came out with ‘building’ magazine recently. Then along with that I saw an article in the RICS Modus magazine (page 17) about BIM take up in the UK. Then I found on LinkedIn a discussion in the building industry group that provoked some interesting comments, this also has a link to the NBS with the report they published in March 2011.

So, what is BIM and why will boq’s be dead?

BIM is – Building Information Modelling –  and it’s not new, it’s been around for a while.

Why will boq’s be dead? Well actually they won’t it’s just the way they go about being produced will change.  You see BIM is all about integrating all aspects of the design and specification on a project. Yes it’s about CAD and 3D modelling of projects, but the interesting bit about it is that if we all collaborate and get our act together we will be able to save thousands of pounds off the cost of construction projects. The hard part is getting everyone to buy into it and see the benefits, and at the moment there are too many sceptics around. And also the cost is too prohibitive on smaller projects – at the moment.

The report I liked the best was produced by the NBS as it seemed to portray things warts and all, and gave some great statistics of the participants in their survey, like:

  • 43% had never heard of BIM
  • 64% don’t agree that BIM is all about the software
  • 81% agree that it brings better co-ordination of construction documents
  • 85% agree that in 5 years time they see themselves adopting it for at least some of their projects

Why aren’t we using it more now? I don’t know, but the comments at the end of ‘BIM – the long view from architectural and design practice’ by Robert Klaschka from Studio Klaschka may give you the reason why, (that’s in the NBS report by the way).

Either way it’s an exciting future and I think as quantity surveyors we should be embracing this new technology and endeavouring to make everyone’s life easier in the construction process, instead of ignoring it and thinking it will go away!

If you want to read the RICS defintion of BIM click here

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