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Social Media and all that

Whats your view about social media at the moment.

Do you use it to interact with your customers and target audience?

Are you finding it harder or easier of late to speak to the decision makers, do you think social media will make any difference for you? Is it just another phase we are all going through. Do you find that a lot of the ‘experts’ that you come across haven’t been involved all that long? So what makes them expert do you ask? 

So where do you stand on all of this, is it something for you? Should you care and be involved? Well I think it’s something we should all take note of – like it or not, it’s here. And to stay for a while to come. The thing I like most about it is it’s engaging, and people will genuinely help you if they can. But it’s two way, don’t expect to take all the while, you’ve got to give too, otherwise you’ll get nothing from it.

It does seems to me that the smaller the business the more nimble you are and the more responsive you will be. The larger construction companies just don’t quite seem to get it yet.

Well that’s the conclusion I came to when I read this really interesting article form Nick Pauley at Pauley Creative.  In fact having a look at some of the articles Nick has written on his website could be a lesson to a lot of us in Construction.

Made me think about what we are doing, so look out for some subtle changes to our website as a result!

There was also an interesting tweet I came across in the week from Guido Gihaux that had a link to a youtube video about the use of social media in the UK – well worth a view, a lot of other people have picked up on it too.

So all I should say for now is follow me on twitter, link up with us on LinkedIn and become our fan on facebook!

We are moving… One floor up!

Everyone has their moment of fame so I’m told, so I thought I’d try and promote myself a bit more if that’s alright with you! If you go to the About page you’ll find a short video clip of me from when we got involved with on their Real People Campaign. Mind you it was in the heady days of when it was difficult to find quantity surveyors. Was that only 2008? When, as someone said to me yesterday, QSs were as difficult to find as rocking horse _____! (I think you can fill in the blank!)

We’ve recently been greeted with news from our landlord that we need to move out of our offices here in Bedford. After searching the local market and viewing what’s on offer I’ve decided to go with the landlord’s option of moving upstairs to the second floor! So we’re not moving far but it does mean we’ve got to have a bit of a clear out as we need to move by the end of March!

By the time you read this, the news will be out that we are officially out of recession and the economy is growing again. I don’t know if you’re like me, but it just doesn’t feel like that in the construction industry. We’ve noticed a bit of a tail off in activity in the last week or so. Everyone here says it’s the fallout from Christmas and the snow we had recently. We haven’t seen much activity in the disputes area – the feedback we’ve been getting is that everyone is settling up their accounts commercially and taking the cash now. I still think there is a lot of trouble brewing as the anecdotal evidence I’m hearing is that bids are going in at crazy prices just to win work. The thinking is that the supply chain will increase prices when things get better in the second half of the year and contractors just won’t have the cash to pay them.

It was sad to read about Multibuild and Lancsville recently, as they’re two companies that we have worked with in the past. I suspect they won’t be the last in a line of companies that will get into difficulties in the coming months.

Anyway, this all sounds a bit downbeat considering January is nearly over! I saw a fun Recession Quiz on the Guardian website yesterday morning. I did it and got 4 out of 10, which apparently means the recession is something in the dim and distant past for me! Well I’ll take that; never mind about the score!

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