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Alarm Bells Ring at GF Partnership!

Yes, the alarm bells are well and truly ringing in our office. About 2 months ago we had to re-locate to the second floor and our landlord has put his own team of men into our old offices for a refurb. Not just any old refurb – a real cheap and cheerful, cut costs at any corner refurb.

So the thing is not only do they keep setting of the fire alarm, yesterday they decided to go the whole hog and just do away with the whole thing! Now I don’t mind a bit of inconvenience but having the fire alarm ringing in your ears all day is a bit much!

Away from the triviality of our office hiccups though, and after watching England last night I wonder if any of our supporters will be modelling the new safety helmets started by a South African artist?

The thing is though I’m getting confused about the media messages right now, most of it coming out of building is very negative and doom and gloom – look at the cover they produced last week for instance – yet you get the RICS saying Construction workload grew in the first quarter of 2010. Is this just a case of our dear old institution being out of step?

I also saw the recent views of the Olympic stadium under construction, quite spectacular; it’s going to be a great venue.

Getting Paid!

Now everyone’s struggling to make ends meet these days and we like most service based companies keep an eye on who are the best and worst payers that we work with.

So how about this for some statistics on payments, our best client pays us within 19 days of us raising an invoice and our worst does it in 110 days! Our best top 3 clients for payments are (in no particular order….. ok other than alphabetical as it’s fairest)




and our worst 3 for payment I hear you ask ……(again it’s alphabetical)


ISG Jackson


So do you have any good and bad clients for payment? And what do you do about it?

English Wallabies!

Meanwhile away from politics the world is still spinning. So what else is happening around us while the media focus all their attention on politics?

How about this news about industrial output growing the fastest monthly pace since July 2002?

What about England making the semi final of the World Twenty20 Super eights?

Then there is the news that property prices and sales prices rose for housing in April, and that the market will gain momentum in the coming months?

And if you are thinking of moving to a larger house you can always get a wallaby to mow your lawn!

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