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Double Dip Recession

All this talk of double dip recession does annoy me! I agree with a recent tweet by Dominic Farrell about this.

If you believe the construction figures for the last quarter, we saw a record rise in growth of 6.6%, so how can that be?! I know there’s talk of this being revised downwards, but not enough to send us into a recession again, surely?!

For our part, business at GFP has seen its ups and downs and, I have to say, recently it’s still much the same. The more people I talk to, the more say they are taking work now while they can, as they’re not sure what’s round the corner for the industry. That explains a lot why we’re so busy producing bills of quantities for tenders at the moment.

But anyway here’s a little sample of the style of work coming through our office since June this year; a live example to reinforce my view that it’s still active out there.

So we either have been, or are involved in the following projects:

  • 10 social housing projects
  • 6 disputed final accounts for sub-contractors
  • 5 schools
  • 2 disputed final accounts for main contractors
  • 2 domestic properties
  • 1 utilities project
  • 1 listed building project
  • 1 sports facility
  • 1 film studio
  • 1 community centre
  • 1 dance studio
  • 1 distribution facility
  • 1 leisure & retail park
  • 1 LUL project
  • 1 university
  • 1 academy
  • 1 college

…Phew! When it’s listed out like that we’ve been quite active!

I’m sure that a lot of these will come to fruition and be real live projects soon too.

Anyway that’s enough nuggets of inspiration for now, but what about this for some chicken nugget rage? It could only happen in America…

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